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I have an app store and want to publish your app. What to do?

If you have an app store and you are interested in publishing our app please contact us on [email protected]. We'll let you know if we are interested and wheater you are allowed to publish our app or not.

When are you available?

You can always send us an email. We'll respond to you when we have the time.

Terms of use

You should follow these under any circumstances!

Our requirements

We must have access to Developer console, so we can update the app at any time. We should be able to add custom screenshots to our app's description page. We can cancel and delete the app from your app store at any time.

Your Duties

You should give us full access to the Developer console. You should provide support email with hyperlink ([email protected]). You should provide Google Play download url of the app. You should contact us if the app store owner changes. You should leave .apk file in its original state. You should make it clear that the app was made by Triocoder, Inc. You should always respond to our emails. You should cancel and delete our app at any time we ask you to. You should leave app package name, app name, and version as it is. If you are selling our paid apps all earnings (without fees) that you have made with our apps should be transfared to us. If you are selling our paid apps you should sell them for the same price as we do.

You should not...

You shouldn't publish our app to other app stores without first getting permission by us. You absolutely should not sell our paid apps for free or vise Versa. You shouldn't remove ads and IAPs from the app (if it has those). If we delete/cancel the app from your app store you shouldn't upload it back or make it available. You should not earn money by displaying own ads in our app. You should not add own IAPs (In-App Purchases) to the app. You should not copyright our apps or delete our copyrights. You should not upload app to store without our permission.

Your rights

You are allowed to display ads on app selling (description) page, but you should not prevent users from using AdBlock (of any kind).